Shown to be alive and well in Episode 9. Sacrificial Lamb: Hannah and Clive didn’t do anything to deserve their fate. Which is a nasty waste of time looking through all those places, and is just better to wait until they come back later. Lampshaded by people remarking on how beautiful she looked, and possibly subverted by Isaach and Isaiah practically worshiping her in death.

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Attack on Titan features one in the side story «Ilse’s Notebook» about the titular Ilse Lagner, a woman from the Survey Corps who religiously documented her activities and findings in a journal. It used to be required that ISA agents get one implanted until the Chinese demonstrated how they could be hacked, much to the worse for the ISA.

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Damage Proof Vehicle: Averted, as the smoking rubble that was once Rachel’s car can attest too. Happier Home Movie: One that Midori can actually enter and interact with! Hermaphrodite: The boy girl, one of the members of the troupe. Other devas come to beg the sage to lift this curse, since Indra is their chief.