When faced with a boat full of refugees in Season 2

When faced with a boat full of refugees in Season 2

Lack of Empathy: Strand has this in droves, although it proves to be useful in the desperate situation the group is in. When faced with a boat full of refugees in Season 2, he refuses to let them board, claiming his «mercy quota» has been filled. He later cuts the rope that was keeping Alex […] Read More

Artificial Gravity: Human built ships have spinning sections

Neutral Female: Heather exemplifies this during the Kurgan’s fight with Ramirez; then again, with the tower falling apart around her she might have been more concerned with avoiding a concussion. Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Akari and Nene of all people do one (at Nene’s suggestion no less) to earn the Code Crown for the Shinobi […] Read More

Corpsing: While the fact that everyone manages to keep a

Erotic Eating: While attempting to revise for his upcoming college exams, Kojima keeps getting distracted by his tutor biting his pen while thinking. Vishwamitra could have easily been a Brahmarishi much sooner than he did if he were not so hotblooded. Easily Forgiven: Fluttershy http://receitasdasoninha.com.br/?p=15512, Rarity, and Dash ruin a cake that took the Cakes […] Read More

Whatever Replica Hermes Birkin the variation

Because Destiny Says So: The reason Shifu gives when he finally decided to train Po. All Drummers Are Animals: Zach Hill’s playing has been known to break lug casings and bend the top hoop of his drums. The Idealist: She is firmly committed to the rebellion despite the odds against them, and genuinely believes that […] Read More

Salos seems to be taking over this role in the latest books

I will be pissed.» Miles himself remarks «I wouldn’t dare die. Spiritual Successor: Wreckfest, which first debuted to the public by its working title, Next Car Game. Apron Matron: Judging from Jan’s comments about the appearance of «Bev,» the AI for the Hot’n’Cold beverage/food dispenser http://rahmetkabir.com/douwes-joined-her-with-a-6-2/, she was likely this. Which makes what happens next […] Read More

Body Horror: Cronenberg specializes in a genre he calls

The game also gave them a lot of headaches as http://fsmindia.org/?p=15398 far as memory limitations went the entire cart was only 1 Megabit (1000 kilobits, or 128 kilobytes) in size!. Jerk: Doc Cochran is an abrasive, alcoholic loner who is clearly haunted by his experience as a medic in the Civil War. Follow the Money: […] Read More

Argumentum Ad Nauseam: An occasional tactic for a debater who

Smithers also sort of has one at the beginning of the episode where he sings about working for Mr. Burns to the tune of «Hooray for Hollywood». Villains Out Shopping: When Scorpio isn’t trying to take over the world or run his corporation, he likes doing a fun run, which he’s apparently in the middle […] Read More

Yamato Nadeshiko: Frey discusses it by listing off the Hermes

Color Failure: all of the males present in the Gunpla Rally in Episode 10, including Sekai and Yuuma, ended up as this when the petite Bearguy punches Taku’s Turn A in the groin located cockpit. Not Evil, Just Misunderstood: Many of the thugs that work for Gato do so because they are blackmailed or deeply […] Read More

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