The producer was the vampire Nostro

The producer was the vampire Nostro

This is in the backstory of Garrett (formerly «George the Fiend») from Betsy the Vampire Queen was an actor who was supposed to play Tarzan, but when the movie was canceled (in favor of Gone with the Wind), the producer took him to the barber for a haircut and shave. The producer was the vampire […] Read More

The Jack O’Lantern guise was profitable for Designer Replica

The voiceover and commentary constantly plays up the USA’s superiority over the competition; it was billed as «the classic battle between the best versus the rest!» Early Installment Weirdness: The first season hadn’t fully set up the dynamic between Kenny and Vic or their characters. Well Intentioned Extremist: Twenty Faces is a persona taken on […] Read More

Nigel fights off Torenthi assassins with help from his son

It was Kitamura’s first American film, and in interviews he had indicated that he wanted to switch to making films in America permanently, despite being quite bankable in Japan.. Jimmy Whisper in «Medieval Land Fun Time World» is quite proud of his foreign language skills:Jimmy: I mean anyone who puts a slice of pizza on […] Read More

He has Doug’s Cessna sabotaged so the engine will seize

Product Placement: This might be the all time record holder, as some of the placement serves minor plot points. Awesome, but Impractical: Some spells, particularly Mad God’s Rage. Blatant Lies: Batman scares the crap out of the Joker at the end and defeats him by telling him he knows his true name. Also, the «100 […] Read More

She reminded them of the Persian superstition that Replica

This, of course, would not produce a shockwave (since, at the risk of being repetitive, shockwaves don’t propagate through the vacuum of space), and hence not destroy any of the planets immediately, though the people living in the Veridian system would presumably freeze to death without the heat of their sun, eventually. Several of […] Read More

Chefof Iron Sanji became the staple of the «free fall flight»

«There’s one thing I didn’t mention, I forgot, my mouth is fucking burning.». Convection Schmonvection: Averted. Harvest Moon 64 is the third game in the Harvest Moon series, released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. Heinlein’s Time Enough for Love. Chefof Iron Sanji became the staple of the «free fall flight» having the most examples […] Read More

Lasers are depicted as a continuous straight line that

They’re still alive, which means there’s at least a chance for a better future, even if it would take a miracle. Really, nearly everyone who gets a Void pulled out of them puts on a face that the viewer can easily put out of context. Internal Cheating: the cheat was specifically programmed into the game […] Read More

Chekhov’s Gun: Sinbad’s dagger

When she discards her long skirt, underneath having a miniskirt and showing her shirt is the Bare Your Midriff type. Chekhov’s Gun: Sinbad’s dagger. And the real cause was Clow’s momentary Power Incontinence when he didn’t want Yuuko to die, so he essentially told reality to ignore her death and act as if she […] Read More

Somewhat subverted in that the ship’s AI is Odio

Inspector Javert: Played with. Somewhat subverted in that the ship’s AI is Odio. Fake Nationality: He played an Argentinian masseuse who played acoustic guitar and wrote his own songs on How I Met Your Mother, and a Mexican in Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Hmm. Replica Designer Handbags The miniguns Replica Handbags probably count, […] Read More

Not to mention his questionable recruiting methods

Sweetie Belle, who has an ear for music and a wonderful singing voice but is prone to stage fright, makes the costumes and sets, resulting in a mess. Not to mention his questionable recruiting methods. Concept Album: In Sorte Diaboli. Now inverted. Sulla loves her but as he himself admits he’s not good for the […] Read More

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